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Innovate with color: our new product Nepal

Our era and its innovation,all thanks to the human mind and never ending capacity of thinking and also a desire to always taste the new and so might be our generations. Also we people have a way of our living and to make it even more colorful we have different celebrations that we keep on observing every year and everywhere depending on the culture we have.
We Asians are the one who lives simple but aims high for which we never step back from putting our cent percent in what we do. We have several necessities and market is the place where we can reach out to get it. And in any market there’s a very tough competition to be the best by serving others with whole satisfaction.

So we are up with few of our new innovation, we have been doing knitting work moreover this time we have felt products. We have challenged our self to use our hands not only for knitting with the crochet sticks but instead use needles as well and do the needling work and create beautiful products.
This time we have themed of different occasions and they are Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and Valentine and also the products that can be used in any time of the year. It was not that easy to mold our self in to the felt work as we lack practice with the tricks of the needles that only a professional knows. So for making all the samples we have reached out to one of the teacher and final we are ready with some of our samples.

We have put our hardwork in this along with our producer for creating it, we would like to urge everyone to look into our products,our work,who we are and promote everywhere so that CWB Nepal moves on its step higher and higher.

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