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3days Seminar at Mangalore University


From: 20March2019 To: 22.March.2019

A seminar was conducted by members of CWB for undergraduates(B.Com,BBA,BA) and Post
graduates ( students of university college Mangalore with the help of Commerce department and
Science department .the resource person who conducted seminar was Professor (Japan),Natsu (Japan)
,Mr.Arya (Nepal) .
On 20 march 2019 team CWB introduced themselves to students and their idea and social work
.where Mr.Arya introduced himself and the place he come from and also his journey towards a social
entrepreneur ,he explained us using PPT presentation about how the situation was in Nepal after the earth
quake and how he got help from CWB and started knitting project by gathering local women’s ,and also he
told us the difficulty he faced during the knitting project and also happiness when it got established ,and also
showed us the doll which were made of woolen, After his session Ms Nastu gave an session about
accessories which is used with kimono and how a Japanese women started doing business with her skill of
handicrafts .The session motivated the students and also students ideas were taken to consideration and
were discussed.
On 2 nd day 21 st march 2019 the second session was conducted at morning where Dr.Sidharaj an
university professor gave a brief short explanation about entrepreneur and Natsu teacher gave a session
about kimono briefly and about what, who, where, How,who is your customer,how much and later students
where divided into different groups namely Eco,Acessories, Agriculture,food,cloth according to their
interest and skill, idea and they were given a paper which contained 4W and 2H time to discuss about their
idea ,like what ,who, where ,how , who is your customer and how much and at afternoon session one of the
team leader of each team who was appointed by their own team members, gave explanation of 4W and 2H
of their idea, and also their confusions where cleared .
On 3rd day 22nd march 2019 the last session was held where the were Natsu teacher gave seminar
and idea about how to make business plan , and it’s purpose,Target , Marketing,cost calculation and also few
topics like when you start business ,how to manage,what do you feel when there is no profits ,and what
motivates us most and later about how to start planning like setting of schedules,how much time our team
meet each other ,and dates when you will finish your research about market , material cost etc , and later i
was made to explain my role and responsibilities to the team members .
Conclusion :
The students where showing more interest and excitement in it, and are willing to give a try on there ideas ,
it gave us more opportunities to show our talents and earn from it and also give something to society ,the
overall session was really motivating us to become an entrepreneur.

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