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Experience from 3days seminar as a lecturer, and as an Entrepreneur

Certainly after the 3days workshop among the different students from both graduate and post-graduate level
we fortuned to have some groups who had unclear pictures but some ideas definitely to work and conduct
for the community. It was a good sharing and bond between each other that each day they started feeling
more comfortable and asking their queries and questions along with showing their ideas, vision respectively.
I assume Social Entrepreneurship understanding theoretically with examples and seeing a live example
phases from Nepal had made them understand how such venture can turn up,how the venture can move
and deal step by step.
There was some misconception between some students to understand the difference between Social
Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship. Some of them were considering us as an aid or support towards
only business (buying and selling) etc. We convinced them to clear up the mind and think in a social
mannered way where such work would affect everyone focusing on the community. We provided many
examples the way to think, the way to procure and the target market. Well the session was very good finally
when interacting and providing live examples what I had endured.
Off course the students are educated and can think beyond but they are still raw from inside. As students
had not been introduced to such platform where we appear with this second modern world. They have to be
garnished to make them sharper to think that such side of life and venture can be also thought of that will
have impact in a rising scale. Every students future purpose, plan is to get job, travel or abroad. There were
none who insisted to do something in the community they are brought up. Yes indeed it is hard for them as
they come from rural communities and also the pressure from family to study hard, get good marks and get
good job right away from University so that they can contribute to the family and lifestyle accordingly. During
the lectures too students had shared this workshop activities with their parents about such initiation form
Japan team but it seemed parents were still focusing on first education and then such if there is a platform
and opportunity. Definitely everybody has doubt at the beginning where it will lead or take them but the
mantra of thinking positive is to startup and then to do hard work and grow till you die. Success has a result
but not very easily.
It was wonderful session during the 3days finally leaving them to think, work and create ideas from
themselves during the upcoming days. Off course they have exams and it should not be affected but after
that they conduct such work, sit together, discuss and come up with plans and ideas and definitely creation.
Each group had chosen their group leaders and I hope they will assist and do respectively with all
participants. Yes this is the first step but we can see how many will come up, continue in the coming days.
Mr.Nihal who is looking, representing and overall leader of the students is quite a charmful boy. His attitude is
really good among all students. He looks and understands the concept of our work. His vision is to do
something for the community. In spite of being the only boy joining the accessories group he has well worked
and dedicated his enthusiasm towards the work. He has also worked in presenting the group with goods
procuring, ideas, logistics’, online marketing and also with the brand name they created Creative Hands. He
is quite motivated and supportive for everyone and yes it has been the strength to overcome obstacles and
present as a leader among the students. I look forward for his dedication and progress similar to me and
much more even as he is younger.
My role would be assisting, communication, checking their live strategies through IT and always pushing and
brushing them to grow and work accordingly and in some tenure of time visit too. Whenever they need any
help I will guide them and sharpen them along with advice from Natsu Sensei and Professor. I would like the
students to be much more frank and share everything with me so that I can understand the current situation
and upcoming ones too. I hope to be a good use for the students and connect with my mentors about
updates and their situation. I look very motivated and positive to work and give my best to the students of
Mangalore University. Let’s work together and create valued goods in coming days.

5 th Step
Start your company
Move towards becoming Independent

4 th Step

Improve, Upgrade, Have a business module, See the


3 rd Step

Go around in Asian countries and training learn and

come back and continue

2 nd Step

Progress witnessing and viewing their commitment
towards project and look their prepared products,
support in raw materials and machinery if needed

1 st STEP

3days workshop and explain about Social
Entrepreneurship in details and generate ideas,


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