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Kashmiri Embroidery, My Love!

I fell in love with their products in a second. Our new partner’s name is Tariq. Last July I met him and his
products at a local trade fair in Mumbai. His company was founded by his grandfather, and they’ve been
contributing to their community by creating job opportunity especially for women.

At first, Foyer, my main client, was not interested. Because their target customer is florists. Florists don’t
want pouches, purses, bags and cushion covers. So I gave up once. However, I could never forget about
those too lovely Kashmiri products and I asked Foyer a few months later, to consider if Tariq can modify
them into flower pot covers. Then our trial started. Yamano san, my precious cooperative partner from
Foyer, advises about the size, color, hardness etc. which will be good for flower pot covers. I consult with
Tariq how to realize it. Then he draws the design, and makes samples. We’ve been taking quite long
time. The first hurdle was the size of embroidery motifs. Since the fabric will be stitched into round
shape, big motifs cannot be presented nicely. Therefore we had some limitation. The second hurdle was
the color combination. Flower pot covers shouldn’t be too loud to emphasize the flowers. The important
and basic point we have to think about is that florists want to sell flowers. The third and biggest hurdle
was the hardness. When we used only cotton cloth, the pot cover was too soft and couldn’t keep
standing. So we tried to insert some wire on the top edge, and next tried to put fusible lining. I believe
and hope the next sample will be the last sample, and we can soon proceed to mass production after
approval. I’m extremely grateful to Yamano san and Tariq both for their cooperation and effort to give me
a chance to launch them in Japan.

Also very recently, we’ve started to make samples of coffee cup sleeves for one another wholesale
company of our group, Press Alternative. Those will be also very nice and I’m so excited to present them
in Japan soonish!

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