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From the latest product development – Iron crafts in UP!

This warmful family is in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The young director, we call him PT, is like a big brother in India for me. When I visit them, his pretty wife and his mother always prepare delicious homemade food for me. The 3-year-old son is a little naughty but very cute.His father is basically silent but funny. As we had not had opportunity to place any order after I met them in 2017, he was joking,

PT: “Still don’t you have any plan for order?”

Me: “Sorry! Japanese are very wary and slow in business.”

Father: “Even though your bullet train is very fast.”

Even without order, they have treated me always as a member of the family.

And now, finally, we’re starting the business relationship with them.
We’ve developed some original iron items below;

Door hanger for flower wreath
Ornament hanger
Stand tree with tray

We have Adjustable wreath stand also, but it will be pending for the next order because of some scratching issue. -While adjusting the length of the stand, the surface of pole gets a bit scratched. It may be OK for the other countries, but Japanese customers are very strict with this kind of detail quality. So we’ll continue to work on this.

Though, it’s interesting and learningful to try for the best quality. We’ve discussed a lot, for example, how to get the shortest and the longest with keeping it stable? What size of the base will

be the best for the stability and the good looking both?

I hope to be professional through inspiring and improving each other with them and all other

partners – for my aim, to promote Indian handicrafts to all over the world!

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