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Administrative and Managerial Control when doing Business

As it is said doing business is not an easy task. Many falls down after implying within years thinking it won’t go well and rise as planned along with a feeling not going bankrupt. What I have learned in these years is how to be competitive face challenges and move in a direction where there is no looking back.

The experience of we understanding how to register a company was a big challenge for me at the beginning. With lots of obstacles and legal procedures it has made be understand how we can adopt and work under the government laws and how we can implement accordingly. Starting face is definitely a challenging but gives us enough knowledge for the future and makes it easy and consistent in the coming years. It has helped to understand the scenario of business. Moving next we now know how to calculate costing for a product whenever we prepare samples that can be presented to the world in the future and negotiate respectively. This was also a big factor whether to put price very high or less. It used to hamper us when most of the times our cost couldn’t meet the selling price, or sometimes it would affect when the cost would be expensive. That would be a problem for us when after our hard work we cannot make it sellable in the end. This has taught us to be confident, challenge to recreate and create again and again. This was very much learning for us to be consistent in what we do and not loose hope. These skills are learning for us developing from only facing experience which has helped us to think and decide finally in the end.

Yet when you are working you have to pre-plan, plan and forecast plan when you are doing your work in the business. From initial of raw materials sourcing, to communication with women group continuously weekly, to price fixation and in the end from sample making to completing to the final quantity ordered along with logistics in the end these learning can make one quite comfortable and positive to working with lots of ideas ongoing the head and implying wherever necessary has helped one being independent and work precisely in the work that interests a lot.

I hope everyone also experiences what I have endured from a raw boy to becoming a sharpen boy understanding many things that relate to administrative and managerial control in one business. Now we look forward to survive by ourselves, push each other to grow up the business that would help everyone to sustain and finally in the end provides satisfaction to the goal and mission we run into. This might not be considered exactly skill but these such generated from experience has helped us everyone to work and think that nothing is impossible but it is something we begin and continue to not give up until we try more than 1000times.I hope everyone becomes and thinks in such way creating new business and aim for success in the end.

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