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Natural materials –Simplest and best decoration!

FOYER exhibition was held in Tokyo, in the end of May. One of the main products of this year was
“Natural materials.” A lot of natural materials from India were exhibited and attracted customers. When
you were little, didn’t you collect pinecones fallen? There are full of beautiful or pretty materials in the
nature, which are much attractive itself even if we don’t do anything like color or adorn it.

Though we have become uninterested in pinecones after grown up, it may be a brilliant treasure for children. It may be difficult for local people to notice the charm of certain materials which are too normal for them, but for somebody in a distant county it may be a superb work of art that they have never seen. Or, even if it’s just a rude weed itself, there are some examples that depending on the idea, it’s transformed into some excellent product, such as daily-use basket, beautiful artificial flowers, or unique handmade paper.

Myself also I like nature, means going to mountain or see and enjoying the view, but I haven’t paid much
attention to any particular items in nature. But once consciously looking, they are very charming. And
naturally that should be so.
Flowers are trying to be the most beautiful themselves competing with one another to attract honey
bees. Fruits are trying to be looking delicious to be eaten by birds. Leaves are trying to grow bigger and
higher, to get the sunlight as much as possible.
Thus they are beautiful, pretty and powerful!

India is a treasure trove of natural materials. There are a huge variety and a huge amount of that, and the possibilities from them are also infinite. By adding to such natural materials, local traditional culture or technique, or some other materials or techniques from other region, or else some innovative ideas or designs, to create a new MING is one of the things I want to do!

Last month when I went to Kolkata, I visited some new suppliers of natural materials. They gather such items from all over India. There I saw, again a lot of materials I had never seen before! Let me share with you some photos of my favorites. Even you may have some in your community… In India, there must be still so many things I don’t know yet. With our new partners, I will try to find various possibilities and also to create new value.

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