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Our new Innovation “YETI”

We always hear stories from our grannies when we were
small. Few stories used to true while some were hypothetical. Some stories really fascinated us throughout
our life while some are already erased from our mind. And
our country was not so developed that we could visualize
everything that we heard but we could imagine the character and portray an image. Among such stories yeti is also one of the character. We have not seen them until
today but what we heard is, it was half human and half animal and lives in the cold mountain region. Then when we could easily access the internet and the whole world was just a click away we tried to find the image of yeti and we did find that yeti looks like a bear.

Then we thought of introducing this character among all of us. As we are trying to make new and different thing that would also representwe thought of making the yeti alive for once again as yeti is no

longer found in Nepal.
When we thought of making a first sample we had searched a lot as we have never seen them

before but finally we made it and the sample got accepted with a great appreciation.

And now we are into the process
of making different size of yeti.
(Small to big)
Even our producer had to
struggle to make them because
it is difficult to make the same
thing again and again and
smaller the size more difficulty

in stitching the edges, but now they are used to with it.
Firstly even they didn’t know what they were making then
we reminded them of the story that they heard in their
childhood or else they were calling it to jungle man and
even some called it mouse. But we told them it’s a sign of
nepali character and we are trying to tell the same story to
the people out in the world by giving it shape and a module
then they were very interested to do this work as doing the
same thing time and again makes life monotonous it should
be refreshing as well as should carry a value and a meaning
on itself.

Our new invention “Yeti”, we hope people will like our
creation and we would be able to tell our story to the entire

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