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Making of Ghost

Talking about myth or mystery “The Ghost” do they really exist? Ghost is someone whom we have never seen but every one of us is disillusioned if one has to explain how does it look like? Some say it was white in color while some other says they were very ugly while
people also say their legs were twisted or hair was long and nails were sharp. Ghosts are unsatisfied soul who troubles other because they could not satisfy themselves when they were alive and they keep disturbing others life. But people also say few ghost
are evil while few are with good intentions but God knows if this is myth or just a mystery. Getting scared is normal and imagining things on our mind are so simple and if our heart is little weak we easily traumatize ourselves by our thoughts.                      Every one of us knows what ghost means but we are unable to describe its features and somehow every one of us can imagine them. We also know that something scary something devil describes the ghost while there are ghost who have good intention  and good soul so we try to portray them in color white. As they are good in nature they wear the purest color that is white so this time we are trying to make ghost a Halloween ghost, truly speaking we don’t celebrate Halloween but yes even in Nepalese society we
respect their presence and we are trying to make it.

A body covered with white dress and only eyes are prominent and the rest of the body parts are hidden inside the white long gown. We call them kichkandi in nepali language and trust me even I can

imagine few of them looking at me from some corners while I am writing this article. Even our women groups are excited to make them as this is totally a new design of ghost for them.

We hope we will stand out to present Halloween ghost made in
Nepal throughout the other countries.

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