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Morinda Citrifolia L. or Rubiaceae or Noni

Amok is the top famous Cambodian traditional dish. there are several types of Amok such as fish Amok, chicken, seafood Amok. Main ingredients called Kroeung, the combination of lemongrass, galangal, Kaffir leaf, turmeric, and garlic. The vegetable only uses Noni leaves. It’s leaves with the bitter taste. I do not describe how to make the food this time, instead, I’m introducing how to use Noni that is Morinda Citrifolai in communities.

As I mentioned above, people know how to use Noni leaves for a meal, they also eat young fruit as well with Prahok sauce (fermented fish paste used widely as a seasoning in
Cambodian cooking). The fruit used to treat Blood vessel from making juice or wine. Commonly use when people got tired of rice work or the heavy workforce. I know there are
two ways of using Morinda Citrifolia fruits. One is making as juice and the second is soak into wine such as put some fruits into wine the same things.

I visited some friends’ house in the community and fortunately found Morinda Citrifolia juice in this glass jar just for own drink. I got a cup of juice and tasted. It is like juice but a bit strong of fruit smell. He advised me, adding with water will be much easy to drink. He usually drinks after got tired or when they got problem wit neuromuscular. There are several trees of Morinda Citrifolia with fruits in his home garden. He picked up about 5 kg of fruits and put them in a glass jar, then adding about 1 liter of water. We can add sugar as we prefer. After a month or more there are juicy and the fruit turning to brown or black it is fine, we can
drink. Because it was strong taste and smell I don’t think we can drink much like apple juice. Anyways, it wasn’t bad, because except me the other people think it was a good smell and they love the smell of fruits. I remember when I was a kid, my grandmother mad this juice with rock sugar. Without adding any water, wait until the juice coming out and melt the sugar becoming really juice to drink. She usually brought the glass jar of juice dry with sunlight, I
think because she would like to keep color and quality for life long. I still remember the taste the same. As for making wine use good ripe fruits soaking with rice wine and honey for sweet taste. The purpose is the same. Also the women after giving birth able to drink as well. I also taste the wine too, it was better than juice, while maybe alcohol stronger than fruit

Actually, this plant able to use leaves, root, flower, fruit, and bark for medicine. It depends on the area or each community experience. The young fruit with salt will be good for digestion. The leaves after refine only liquid able to as shampoo avoiding flea and treat fever. Morinda Citrifolia is not popular to grow in the village while using leaves for cooking must be a rare case when Amok dish mostly know only city people. It is not difficult to plant but need good soil quality. The fruit is not as delicious as mango, Jack fruit, watermelon because of no or less sweetness.

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