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When I started a business I choose Education and Community as the main concept, while it wasn’t strange because I’m working with community and youth for almost 10 years. learned the concept from Professor Kataoka who touch me everything about the community and business. Was an academic person without any experience and knowledge of business, and never think I’m going to start my own business. I just enjoy and volunteering to work with communities especially youth. Why I’m choosing a business for my way? While talking about 9 years ago, I met Professor Kataoka first time in front of my university, the first advice he said, “Volunteer is not a good thing, because it cannot continue, but business can continue and sustainable”. I did not completely understand so I didn’t agree, while I was volunteering as Sambor Prei Kuk Monument conservation project. Year by year working with communities, I realized what he said. I can do something more if I’m having my own business and I can support others by my business. The concept which I appreciate most is being independent via business, so I want to be a successful model who can support communities and other youth people. I know it is not an easy thing, while almost a years passed I don’t’ get any profit yet, but everything is going to a positive result from next year I believe, and now I’m supporting and teaching 4 students who staying in SCY farm for school, this is a big talent which I can’t stop moving forward.

Anyways, I will not talk about my whole business situation now, I just introduce my business page called Sambor Prei Kuk farm, which you can find out but almost all wrote in Khmer. This page will be the most potent tools to promote and sell my activities and products. This page divided into 4 categories:

1 – Fieldwork, post about activities on the farm, such as agriculture experiments, planting, feeding, and activities. This is the most important category telling viewers the real information, share experience, promote and proposed communities’ business corporation. For example, When I visited the owner of plants and gardening shop in Phnom Penh I introduced community products such as rattan baskets and explained the history of community products. This theme of people reached almost 1000, while the other post about community products such as palm box and cashew nut reached more than 3,200 just in 3 days.

2 – Agriculture information, this category is gathering the information for farmers who are interested in planting, feeding. We gather from many different resources. Most of the farmers cannot find easily the information which they want, because of researching ability. So this category is important to support farmers. For example, one of our most hit themes was how to plant lemon, it reached more than 1,700.

3 – Medicine plants, I think it good to share what I and my brother knew. It is the less reached post compare to others. There are many pages talking about traditional plants, but my difference is only telling what the people use in their communities and how the effect. This page there is 2 admin, me and my brother because he knows more than me about
traditional plants, and he is also graduated from a University of agriculture. Since we start for almost 6 months we got 500 likes, and we target 700 this month. I’m planning to add the other category next year about the flower, wild plants, and trees for gardening.

As the beginning page, it needs to share knowledge and experience as much as I can, better than promoting products I think. So after the page popular, I will be really easy to promote products and sell. I got the other example of the other page called Our Mind Our New Society which I created about 6 years ago and now got 1.5K followed, this page wasn’t active for a few years. but it was promoted handicraft products and successfully got the order. So I think

using social media to promote activities and introducing products will be a key for future sale.

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