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Thyme Seeds Usage in Nepal traditionally prepared at home

Jwano (Thyme Seeds) is a very good for our health. As it has various chemical properties it possesses are indeed helpful for treating several diseases. It is effective when you have stomach pain, vomiting, gastric, common cold or when feeling low as it acts as a tonic or an energy drink. Eating it raw with hot water gives relief from such pain occurring in the body. Mostly at home Nepali people consume Jwano KO Jhol (Thyme seed soup) as it is considered good source of energy during post pregnancy also.

Thyme seeds one of the best remedies from cold is “Jwano Jhol” typically prepared as a drink and can be consumed at home. It is one of the traditionally energy drinks prepared in Nepali households.

The Thyme seeds used as a soup or a drink at home consume 7different ingredients that includes cloves, cinnamon stick,jimmu(Himalayan aromatic Leaf Garlic),jwano(thyme seed),ginger, turmeric and salt. Mixing all of these ingredients in water and boil until the quantity reduces to half. Finally then can be

It is good for common cold, stopping vomiting, gastric or even acts as an energy drink when you feel low.

When it is used as a remedy for vomiting and gastric it can be made similar to common cold herbal drink but in this one it is consisting of 5 ingredients which includes timmur(zanthoxylum),ginger,turmeric,salt and final thyme seeds. It is also put in the water in heating way and bringing it to boil. Boil it for about 10- 15minutes and drink it hot.

It is also one of the old style popular herb and commonly used spices in Nepali Kitchen as it is when cooking vegetables. This healthy seed is very common in the Nepali kitchen and households.

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