CWA Cambodia


CWA (Community Work for Asia) Cambodia operates 2 bases in Kompong Thom. One base is Phum Asia school, where 24 students live together to learn through working. They are aiming at independence for themselves and their communities and trying to find and acquire their own vocation. The other one is Sambor Community Youth, called SCY, our cashew nuts farm. We are trying to establish where it is processed throughout by Cambodians.




Our mission

  • Conservation and Succession of Cultures
  • Education for Local Youths
  • Creation of Work/Business in Local Communities




Main staffs

Ms. Hiroe Tonomura (Toni)

Took early retirement, she moved to Cambodia. She has a license of Japanese teacher and has classes for students every weekdays. She is also in charge of tourism and accounting in Phum Asia.




Ms. Kyoko Okutani

She goes back and forth between Japan and Cambodia, supporting mainly students who have started their own business. Handing down various skills such as knitting and making sweets, she leads students from finding talent to make products or services that can be business.




Chhim Chhouden (Den)

One of start-up members of CWA Cambodia. He took a degree of architecture with a study on Sambor Prei Kuk heritage near SCY and joined operation of Phum Asia. He moved to SCY in 2018 and started his own business, while supporting students.




Kampong Thom province is famous for cashew nuts. We have 45ha agriculture field in Sambor village and have planted more than 4,000 cashew trees. Considering ecology for the future, we plant only by organic ways, harvest by hands and process by ourselves. Students take care of trees, harvest them and process the nuts as products. Through the practical agriculture and production, they learn the sustainable way to be independent.





Higher educated, easier to go to cities and find jobs. But what happens in the villages? If everybody goes to cities, it will collapse only.

Many people are tired from too much competition and stress in the city. We are aiming at success in community business and enjoying local life based on community.

So students are trying to be independent economically. Some try to make and sell food product using local agricultural products like cashew nuts.  Some try to get job with their IT skill. Some try to sell handicraft items from their home village. We encourage these entrepreneurship by youths and lives in rural area independently.


Traditional Dance

We would like to inherit traditional Cambodian dances to next generations to preserve Cambodian Culture. Students here practice various ethnic dances as well as Apsara and Mask Dance. Also they perform dance show to tour customers coming to Phum Asia and hold events in communities. We hope dancing spirit and skills will be inherited from students to students here.





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