Foyer, Tokyo Japan

To be “Foyer”
Nice items, Nice Creators and Nice Users are gathering.







We are wholesaler, and our main customers are  florist, flower shop and goods shop.
We also have our shop in the biggest flower market in Japan “Ota Market.”

We do all processes by ourselves -finding items or developing product, import, customs clearance, marketing and sales, and delivering to customers.

We sell about 6,000 kinds of product to customers all over in Japan. Almost is imported from foreign countries we visited and walked around.
For example; vase, pot and basket for flowers,  dried flower wreath, and wooden or iron furniture etc.
They are used for shop display, gifts for seasonal event and so on.

We learn a lot from creators, florists and goods shop owners, and try to continue improving each other to make better life and lifestyles of people.



Shuhei Yamano

Working at Foyer for 12 years

He is mainly sales staff looking florists in Tokyo.

Recently, he started his new career as a designer visiting foreign countries and developing new items with manufactures. He gets many requests from his customers in Japan and reflects it to the new developments.

People use Foyer products are all “artists”

Yamano aims to do good work that helps their inspiration and creativity.



Haruka Tomita

Working at Foyer for 1 year

After graduating an art university in Tokyo, she joined in Foyer as a staff of importing and designing.

She is designing and developing gift cards with a partner producer in Philippines whom she visited as an internship student and worked with. The experience of making handmade papers there was important for her, and she wants to tell their beautiful work and product to Japanese customers.

It’s fun and pleasure for her to work with manufactures in foreign countries and to do the process of selling items to Japanese people. As Foyer has many unique staffs and customers, she says she learns many things and is inspired a lot from them.



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