Kusunoki, Japan


We are cultivating Japanese green tea, blueberries, rice, vegetables and poultry farming and further aiming for independence by product development, manufacturing industry and sales business using agricultural products. Also, We are making a model for living by self-sufficiency. We operate mainly with 5 staff members. By studying and inheriting the wisdom of local teachers by making as much as possible with our own hands. On the other hand, the model aims to become a model of sustainable way of living in the future world.

Kusunoki also accepts student internships and trainees from Asia and is also a good place to learn. So far half of the graduated staffs from Kusunoki have started to live around agriculture after training period to take a step toward agriculture.





2002  Students of Yamaguchi University launched a non-profit corporation aiming at farming to help farmers with shortage of manpower

2007  Acquired farmland and started reconstruction of abandoned  green tea field.

2010  The first product completed. “Kusunoki green tea” series began to be sold.

2011  Started making the foundation of life based on self-sufficiency. Began solar power generation and self-building architecture. At this time, we named our farmland “Kusunoki Clean Village”.

2014  Started management with emphasis on continuing business. We aim to improve sales, start to focus on product development and sales operations.





Natsumi Takata: Manager / Sales / Accounting
Aiko Enomoto: Blueberry /Japanese orange
Tomohiro Imai: Green tea /Poultry chicken /Rice/manufacture
Yurie Fukuda: Woodworking / sales / design
Fujiwara: Cotton / Vegetable


Kusunoki Facebook Page   https://ja-jp.facebook.com/kousakutai/

Instagram            https://www.instagram.com/kusunoki_takata/?hl=ja