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Ms. Diana Rose, the owner of Lamin Dana, is very famous in Mukah, which is one of the towns in Sarawak state, Malaysia. Her place is introduced on traffic signboard “Lamin Dana 500m” like that!  She established it in 1999, almost 20 years ago. Originally, her relatives and she invested money and built up such a big lodge. More than 20 persons can stay there at once.

On ground floor, showing traditional tools and traded things in ancient time (mainly imported from China.) It looks like our folk museum in Phum Asia in Cambodia! Some guests come to visit there for looking at these tools. She accepts these visitors with small fee 3 MYR (about 1$) per person.

This lodge is located near the river, and there were three tall houses before. Her place was the middle one of them. Why the tall houses were built? Because, it is not only symbol of wealth, but also protect from guardians. On the top of these tall houses, there was a place where people could watch enemies.

Here is not a tourism site, there’s no famous temples nor beautiful buildings. But why foreigners come to visit? Because Diana thought Mukah was one of the traditional ports and conservation of their tribe culture will make good resource for tourists, she believed. But as for tourists, here is just only staying on the way from Kuchin to Kota Kinabalu. As you know, Bolneo island is wide and big. Many foreign tourists arrived at big airports like Kuchin (capital city of Sarawak state) or Kota Kinalbalu (capital city of Saba state). Mukah is between these cities, so they stay 1 night and enjoy local food or Melanau culture and move to another city next night.



Ms. Diana Rose

She was a journalist and worked for “Star”, one of the most famous newspapers written in English in Malaysia. Now she quit her job and has a cute daughter.





MING “Product” from Malaysia

One of the possibilities is Sago Palm. Here is very famous for this plant. It contains much nutrition and they eat it in powder. And they weave various things with its leaves.

And stingless honey is good for health and now very popular among Malaysian.





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