Our aim

We, CWB “Community-work Without Border” are a group of organizations who aim:

-To make solution for each regional problems, cooperating beyond borders.

-To create job and business in /based on local communities.

-Cultivation of human resources, collaborating without borders.

-To conserve culture and tradition rooted in each community.


Our activities started in Japan in 1986 from establishing Press Alternative as the first Fair trade company in Japan, and we are now promoting “Community trade” instead of Fair trade. We are expanding in ten countries in Asia.


What is Community work?

We have got to know Fair trade is not always perfect nor always the best way to solve community’s problem. So we are into “Community trade” “Community work” with that we can think and create any solution for different problems that different communities have.

We think, work, learn, improve with each other beyond borders, to grow independent individuals and sustainable communities. This is what we call “Community work.”


Cambodia Myanmar Nepal Philippines Kusunoki (Yamaguchi) PA (Tokyo) Foyer (Tokyo) India Vietnam Indonesia Taiwan Malaysia